Acadiana Click Video Productions Sponsors Local Fundraiser

Jro vs. Pbrous: 40 Yard Dash for Puerto Rico

They are oldish, out of shape, and marginally lazy, but they want to make a difference regardless. With Acadiana Click Video Services as the official sponsor, Jonathan Romein and Paul Broussard will be racing a 40-yard dash to raise money for Puerto Rico relief funds. Help us reach our goal by donating to cast your vote for winner. The race will take place near Greenroom downtown Lafayette, LA on Vine Street on Sunday October 22nd at 2PM. This street is also known as “Billy’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams” according to the contestants. To find out why be sure to watch the pre-race podcast by The Neighborhood. We will be filming the race LIVE so Like us on Facebook to see the outcome of the race.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 3.50.41 PM.png


Please use #TeamJro and #TeamPbrous when posting your vote! Proceeds will go to Americares.